poniedziałek, 25 stycznia 2010

simply winter brr..

oh .. Winter irritates me very: (
mainly because I live in bumfuck what I mentioned: P and I do not like to move house .. ie in the sense that somewhere in the city, shopping .. etc.
and recently found out that .. After the sell-... (A very experienced (hahha xd), no exaggeration, but not really had a great desire for sales, but unfortunately the weather that I could not go to any decent gallery: (

uuuhh hate winter .. (A winter break to 2 more weeks, dying in school: P

blouse - no-name,
Bracelets - h & m, vintage, diy,
skirt - h & m
tights - marliyn PL
shoes - no-name

sobota, 23 stycznia 2010

like the first time ..


for some time, looked through various blogs and I decided that the turn came for me. And here I am! and I assume the blog, but you are my dear witnessing this event, for me, very large.
blog post I will mainly my wardrobe, style, image, but not limited to: D I'll try to describe a little bit, and sometimes more than a little of my life in forgotten by God Gluchow, insert various pictures from the Internet (mostly about fashion), to show their huhuh .. : About Projects & interesting photos, sometimes if you succeed diy P.

I come from Polish and like I can learn English, but the effects are useless; o yeah! as for now, just enough, and I'll show more soon: D